Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy day

Our morning started with a visit to the orthodontist for James. This is our third orthodontist in two years for James. Dr L says we should be done in about a year and our portion will only be about $1000 (thank you Lord for that assignment in Germany)

Then we went over to the community college for MJ to register for Calculus and Chemistry. We waited in line a long time, no make that a loooooooong time (nearly 4 hours - I kid you not) and almost didn't get to register her because not all of her information had been put in the computer. But the advisor registered her so she wouldn't lose a seat in each class... the bill (thankfully) isn't due for another month. Of course he did question WHY would a high school senior planning to be an elementary ed major take Calculus??? Why don't people think that smart people can be teachers and vice versa???


Cynthia said...

Good questions

Christy said...

Busy! Jacob's going to need braces (he has my teeth unfortunately) and the ped dentist said if we were here when he turned 9 they'd start the process, well we're going to be!! That will save us a great deal of money without a doubt!!!!