Sunday, July 20, 2008


I regularly read Maureen Wittman as well as own several of her publications. At times folks have questioned why I don't use all Catholic materials and I've never been able to explain myself well. I found the answer on Maureen's blog:
"One final note, it would be impossible to give my children a solid education if I only used books by Catholics, completely free of error. It would mean leaving out Dickens and Lewis. It would mean skipping Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. The important thing to me is to present these books to my children baptized in the Catholic Faith -- giving them Church teaching on issues that come up as we read. Issues they will be faced with when they go out into the real world."

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Janette said...

My father used to say that if you never encounter the outside you will never know what your insides are really made of.
Dicken and so many more make my need to be Catholic and spread Christanity so much more compelling. If I didn't know them, I would never know the need for me to be strong in my faith.