Wednesday, October 22, 2008

just an update

Madeleine kicked butt on her Calculus test. She is not only the only high schooler in her class but also the only student not studying or planning to study engineering - and she got the highest grade in the class - 90%.
James has been proving himself more responsible - even offering to learn how to use the coffee machine so he can make me lattes when Madeleine goes off to college.
Abigail had a great rehearsal last night. Blocking a scene is much tougher than I realized - good thing memorizing the lines is so easy for her.
Theresa is loving American Heritage Girls. She got her uniform this week and looks so patriotic in her blue vest with red neckerchief.
John's soccer team is either #4 or #5 of nine teams in his age division. The first round of the tournament are games on Thursday and Monday. Here's hoping they play their best.


Paula said...

Way to go Madeleine! I have carefully avoided calculus for yearas...

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Way to go, all of Renee's kids.