Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scholarship Summary

I realized that I didn't blog about all of Madeleine's scholarship awards. She has received something from each school to which she was accepted.

Benedictine College - $10K per year. We are heading there for a visit tomorrow. If invited, their scholarship day is in February. (She is invited based on her GPA and ACT scores so we can make her plane reservations)

University of Montevallo - $6500 per year (which covers most of tuition). This is her current favorite school. Their full-ride scholarship interviews are in January.

Mississippi University for Women - waived out-of-state fees. Their Scholars Day program is in just 2.5 weeks. Madeleine has a good shot at a full ride (tuition, room, board, book stipend and $5K towards summer program in London)

Belmont Abbey College - $15K-$18K per year. It's more scholarship, but it's also pricier overall. Not too sure about the unusual dorm setup.

University of North Alabama - free tuition (this was her safety school)

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