Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tomorrow is a big day. Madeleine has Scholars' Day at the W. This is an interview competition for scholarship money. She is guaranteed to come away with at least another $3150 per year.... but she also has the possibility of being awarded a full ride (tuition, out-of-state fees, room, board, book stipend and $5K toward a study abroad program in London) or one of two other scholarships in the middle.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to MJ!

I gave you an award on my blog.

Janette said...

I am leaning to W.
It would be hard to turn down a great education AND a trip to London!
Still, Kansas is wonderful.

Anita said...

Hi, I read your blog with much excitment for your daughter has she has been on this journey. I was a posted on the Catholic moms board.
My girls are only sophomores and I get very anxious thinking of the road to college. You have given your daughter wonderful tools and support for this journey.
Wishing her much success!! Keep blogging, I love reading of your journey too!

Renee said...

Being back at the W confirmed how much I really like the school. Its advantages - not too far from home, very nice dorms w/free laundry, nice campus, honors program with a month long study abroad summer after sophomore year, lots of bright bubbly friendly girls, Catholic church right next to campus, AFB just 15 minutes away (MJ can use her commissary/PX privileges as well as have another church option plus it means docs in the area that take our insurance).... now to sit and wait for the letter about additional scholarships and acceptance into the Residential Honors Program - thankfully it will be less than a month