Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday John !!!

John had a busy birthday yesterday. The morning started with big brother James making pancakes on his new electric griddle. Then at lunchtime, it was catfish at Captain D's. Came home to open an assortment of gifts including his very own mp3 player and of course more Legos. Later that afternoon we had the traditional Birthday Peanut Butter Pie (oops, need to buy more candles but 3 squared = 9). Rounded out the day with Gumbo made by Scott..... and then we thought all was well and all were asleep but we were wrong. Poor John got sick on his birthday. He managed to hit everything in the bathroom except the toilet. :( Hopefully this is the end of the stomach bug for our family. We have good friends in town from Germany and want to see them before they head out on Friday.


7redz said...

I'm sorry John!! The flu hit our house as well on Christmas night. (so far 4 out of 7!) I think you and I had it at the same time. But it wasn't my birthday! And I haven't out of town company... so I am so sorry for your family. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to John!