Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm back in the South....

I came home last night to find one of my teens at the open front door (with the lights off) being invited to accept Jesus as their Savior and visit a church. I was so angry about a multitude of things ---- why would a church go evangelizing in the dark (it was after 8pm), why would they think it was appropriate to engage in a conversation with a kid and why did my teen open the door to strangers after dark???
Answer to last question is probably because we've spent the last two years living in a gated community with armed guards (not kidding) and so the thought never crossed said teen's mind (review safety procedures with all children). And as far as the dark, the pastor of this church must not read the paper or watch the news; we've had a number of burglaries in our area that were started by ringing the doorbell of an unsuspecting victim. I guess my teens are going to be reading some apologetics about how to respond to evangelizing since we have a church and don't need saving again. I wonder if the crucifix in the doorway had anything to do with why they kept talking to a teen???

UPDATE: I talked to the pastor of the church and he assured me that his church members have been told not to evangelize door-to-door after dark. He also seemed to accept that God gave me authority over my children. He knew who the older adult was in the group (there were three at our door) and said he's had trouble with him before and he would be talked to again. So I'm glad to see this was not the tactics of a church but rather of an overzealous individual

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