Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Day!!!

Today the Catholic homeschoolers of our area were visited by Mr Dave of Animal Trax. He brought quite the collection of reptiles and other critters.

This first one is a Bearded Dragon named Charlie

Most of the kids got a chance to touch him. Here's a pic of Theresa; John wasn't interested.

Christopher was the only student that got to be touched by the tarantula. They had to crouch down low to the floor because tarantulas can 'break' if they fall from high up. You can see Charlie sitting patiently on the table in the background.

Of course I can't remember the names of these snakes. I'll have to research or hope that someone in our group reads my blog and reminds me.

During petting time, Ida got to be in charge of this snake. I was the adult supervisor for Charlie (I had a competent middle schooler that was his 'handler') so I was unable to get pics of Theresa with the snake.


Cindy said...

Oh no...I killed a tarantula this morning! Sorry! I hauled our trash out to the curb for pick-up, pulling it by the handle of the large trash-can. I had just gotten it to the curb and looked over and saw a large tarantula sitting on top of the lid. I screamed and then ran for the shovel. After reading your blog, Renee, I feel badly about it. But, tarantulas are common around here and I don't want an overpopulation of them in my yard! I am glad that your children got to see some unuusual creatures, though.

Renee said...

Cindy, I can totally understand your reaction. We have lots of black widows in AL; so spider killing is a part of life. :)

Cynthia said...

EWWWWW... I wouldn't be near any of those things and I sure wouldn't touch them intentionally (LOL)! Great opportunity for the kids though (LOL)!

Renee said...

John had no desire to touch the critters but Theresa is so not a girly girl when it comes to creepy crawling things