Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today did not feel as productivce as yesterday. I started the morning with an 8am (yes, you read that time right) meeting to have my end of year homeschool records reviewed. Next year I'll only have to do this once (in Jan) instead of four times. From there I headed to post; got gas and shopped at the commissary. Kids helped me put away the groceries. I paid the credit card bill, made a few phone calls, had a yummy salad for lunch and read for almost an hour. Theresa then noticed it was 70* and decided it was time for the pool; I read for a bit and then I visited with my friends Betty and Holly. We stayed there until 4:30 at which time I had to head home to cook potato soup for dinner. I was supposed to go to a 7pm meeting but after calling three different people, I couldn't find someone with whom to carpool so I decided not to drive on unknown roads for 45 minutes esp not in the dark on the way home. So I'm going to read some more (dh is not home from work yet) and get ready for American Idol. Go Kris!!!!

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