Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday didn't start out to be a good day; I was in a very bad no good horrible mood. I managed to get an answer regarding the new/old Boy Scout physical form, I printed Madeleine's final transcript and frantically put together a picnic lunch for the homeschool end-of-year picnic.

Thankfully Jill gave great directions so we got to her home with no problem. It was an absolute blast (so mad I forgot my camera). I got to chat with lots of moms. The kids played volleyball, football, wiffle ball. Jill arranged sack races (with real corn feed sacks) and three-legged races. John and Theresa had a wonderful time; while James and Abigail missed all the fun and sat at home instead.

Then it was home for a few hours of quiet and reading, then off to the diocesan youth protection class. It was really not much different from what I did four years ago in Florida. I did learn that Abigail doesn't need to take this class (the only one offered for teens conflicted with her recital) so she will be able to volunteer at VBS next month. Then home to watch the end of American Idol. Hooray!!!

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Cindy said...

It sounds like your summer is off to a fun...and busy...start, Renee!