Friday, June 26, 2009

Engineering Camp

James spent three weeks of his summer as a participant in the Michael P. Anderson Summer Outreach Program (aka engineering camp) at Alabama A&M. He learned about aerodynamics, bridge building, land surveying, electronics, and robotics as well as field trips to the Space Center and the Corvette museum and assembly plant in Kentucky.

During the three weeks, there were various competitions. James placed 2nd in both Structural Bridge Building and Large Glider Performance and 1st place in Simulated Bridge Design. In addition, he was one of two students awarded Most Outstanding Student.

We are very proud of James and have confidence in him entering a field of engineering in college in just two short years. It may be time to buy him a pocket protector.

Here is a pic of James and his classmates; they ranged in age from rising freshman to rising seniors in high school.


Elphaba said...

Go James!

7redz said...

AWESOME! Quite impressive!

Renee said...

We're hoping with this on his resume that James can get an on-post job next summer ... most of the openings are for engineering interns (we heard they do hire high school students)

Janette said...

Wooo HOOO!