Thursday, June 25, 2009


I love Matt Maher’s CD, Overflow. I first heard about Matt Maher on LifeTeen where he’s done some videos and I was excited to get a chance to listen to an entire CD of his music. I stuck the CD in the player almost immediately after its arrival and fell in love with the music. This CD is a mix of styles; but primarily contemporary Christian with Catholic themes.

Overflow, the title track, is a prayer to God asking Him to fill us. There are fast paced songs such as Resurrection Day which glorifies the resurrection; you can’t help but dance with joy when you listen to it. So many people think of Catholic music as monk chants, so a fast paced song like this is a nice change. And there are a number of slower songs such as Timeless, Alive in You, Behold the Lamb of God, Unwavering and The River of Babylon. There are even some songs familiar to me from Mass such as Come to the Water to which Maher adds extra lines in order to focus the ending on our need for the Lord in our lives.

There is a nice variety of music on this CD – some are great for joyful dancing and exhuberant singing along while others are for quiet thoughtful reflection. All in all I give this CD 5 big stars; I hope to hear more from Matt Maher in the near future. I encourage teens and young adults who like praise and worship music to check out this Catholic version. This cd has songs that stick in your head, I find myself humming them throughout the day.
Thank you to the Tiber River review program for providing this cd for my listening pleasure and and for the opportunity to review such a wonderful product.

You can purchase this CD here.

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Guest Blogger: Madeleine 17 yrs old


Anonymous said...

I love Matt Maher. Have you heard his other cds?

Renee said...

I haven't yet heard Overflow. It disappeared into the girls' messy room and I keep forgetting to ask for it so I can listen