Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Adventures of Snip in Oregon

Author Betty Moir in The Adventures of Snip in Oregon recounts the tale of a lovable shaggy dog as he wanders into the hearts of the Moir family and their daily lives in the peaceful countryside. Ms. Moir paints a colorful portrait of "home life" in the Northwest during the 70's while introducing Snip.
This is the first in a sequel about this loveable black shaggy dog named Snip who is a half malamute and poodle cast away dog. Snip teaches family values and love. Snip captures your heart as he teaches driving, chases away skunks and raccoons and engages in daily mischief. This children's book offers pictures of family life on a small farm in Oregon showing how a family weaves their lives together with love and mutual respect and work with Snip and the family animals. Snip's adventures seek an audience of young children readers.

About the author:
The author, Betty S. Moir, grew up in Kansas and has always loved to write stories. Betty found a loving family orientated husband, Jim, in Hawaii. Jim and Betty were world travelers in business until the family settled in Oregon with Snip, a loveable shaggy black dog.

My review:
The Adventures of Snip in Oregon is a short book of only 42 pages but each has a good deal of small print text. While the storyline seems most appropriate for ages 4-9, the writing seems to be of a higher level. The illustrations are a mix of 1970s photographs and simple watercolors. Maybe it's because I'm not a dog person or maybe because my children are older (my 'baby' is 9 years old)) but I just didn't "get" this book. But after reading reviews on Amazon, I am certainly in the minority.

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