Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Tuesday - John has a makeup gymnastics class so dinner needed to be easy. Chicken Parmesan will be cooking in the crockpot so all I have to do is boil spaghetti.

Wednesday - Paprika Chicken Stew w/Pierogies. Finally a night I have plenty of time to cook a meal.

Thursday - I have Moms' at 6pm but I don't get home from John's gymnastics until 4:45 so Scott and the kids will be eating a Sausage Egg Bake with Biscuits

Friday - As per James' request, we'll be having Lentil and Rice Tacos w/Refried Beans

Saturday - If I make soup, the weather will get warm so I"m making Minestrone.

Sunday - Theresa and I are going to a magic show in the afternoon, the teens will eat at Youth group so we'll keep it simple and have Currywurst and Fries (never got eaten yesterday)

Monday - BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (cooked in the crockpot) with Baked Beans. It's a crazy afternoon/evening. I have a doc's appt at 2pm, I'll probably have James take Theresa to American Heritage Girls since I doubt I'll be home by 3pm to take her. James has Scouts at 6;45, John has a Pack Meeting at 6:30 and Abigail has Fantasy Players at 6:30.... thankfully I'll be home by then so that Theresa is not home alone at night.

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