Sunday, October 18, 2009

more Alice pics

I got a pic backstage in between scenes of Abigail and Theresa as Heart Children

At the Cast Party, first time actors are presented with their Fantasy pin and made a part of the Fantasy Family. I thought Abigail would have more to say so the camera wasn't quite ready in time; I only caught Theresa going back to her seat after receiving her Fantasy Pin.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for the girls - they both look great. And having an actor daughter myself, I know how exciting and satisfying this can be. Wonderful. They are truly talented. What a blessing.
lotsa luv,
Miss Mary in TX

RAnn said...

So does A want to do more shows?

Renee said...

Abigail has been doing shows since 1st grade and will continue as long as she can breath and walk.
Theresa enjoyed it enough to want to audition again

Cynthia said...

Great pics! The costumes look adorable. A great experience, I'm sure!

Renee said...

For Abigail, it's another notch on her belt.
For Theresa, it was a great lesson in learning to follow directions