Saturday, November 21, 2009

Advent Traditions

This year I have two new Advent traditions that we will be starting. The first is a bit like one we've done the last few years when we read daily from Jotham's Journey.

Bartholomew's Passage is finally back in print and I was able to remember to order it in time so we will be reading a chapter each day during Advent - even planning to bring it with us to Disney. I highly recommend both of these books for the Advent season - not both in the same year though. It would be difficult to read two story lines at the same time.

On Facebook, a friend of a friend suggested a book Advent: A Family Celebration; Prayers & Activities for Each Day. I was thrilled to find this book through Amazon.

The book includes a blessing of the Advent wreath, reflections for all days of Advent (with options for older and younger children) based on the daily Scripture readings, reflections for feast days, and readings for the Jesse tree. The book is a few years old having been published in 2004 so you'll need to know the Sunday cycle in order to use the right Sunday reflections in future years but that's an easy adaptation. I am hoping we'll be able to find time to use this while we're at Disney - if not, it will be there ready and waiting for us next year.

We'll also light the candles on our Advent wreath each day. St Nicholas will visit us on his feast - I think he'll be able to find us at our hotel on the journey to Florida. We will probably be skipping the Jesse tree this year as we will be gone for ten days... but I think we'll hear about it by subscribing to Holy Heroes Advent Adventure


Dorothy said...

We have many happy memories of the years we read the Ytreedie (sp) books. Have you read Tabitha's Travels too?

Renee said...

By the time I had discovered the books (about 2 yrs ago) only Jotham's Journey was available. And even that was hard to find. I think someone on SHS had a dh that found extra copies and she sold them for a fair price. So next year I'll go looking to see if Tabitha's Travels is back in print.