Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moroccan Chili

I made a few changes to Rachel Ray's Moroccan Chili

Due to the price of ground lamb (and that's at the commissary where supposedly I pay cost), I used 1 lb lamb and 1 lb ground beef. I skipped the lemon zest since I didn't have a lemon to zest. I used box couscous but added the lemon juice and skipped adding the fruits/nuts. I made 6 pita breads since there were supposed to be six of us eating.

This smelled delicious while cooking and was scrumptious to devour. The only 'odd' thing is that it was more like a pile of meat on the plate then something served in a bowl. We served the couscous alongside the chili - I have children that don't care much for couscous - silly kids.

This one is a keeper and hopefully we'll make it over the holidays so Madeleine can try it as well.

James ***
John ***
Theresa **
Abigail *****
Me *****
Dh (not yet home from work) **** (dh wants it without the beef)


Granny Jo said...

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I always enjoy your blogs and perhaps I will begin to comment. I did comment once.

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