Monday, November 9, 2009

My Menu for the Week

Monday I was with Theresa at the Manna House with American Heritage Girls, Abigail had Fantasy Players at 6:30 and James Scouts at 6:45 so it was an easy meal of spaghetti with chicken (cooked in the crockpot)

Tuesday - Today is a yucky rainy cold day. We are having Turkey Picadillo served in butternut squash. Mmmmmmm,mmmmmm - can't wait for dinner tonight.

Wednesday is Veteran's Day and we are hoping to head to the zoo in Nashville or we might hike all the way to Chattanooga for the Aquarium... so no real dinner plans. I have some extra sausage and chips just in case.

On Thursday, I have my Moms' ministry (we eat dinner there) so the kid (and Scott) will be having Beef Stroganoff over rice (made in crock pot and rice cooker).

Friday we are going to the Members Only Walk Through Galaxy of Lights at the Gardens so I plan to order out pizza to eat.

Saturday is Scott's birthday. We are going to go to a Japanese steakhouse; haven't been to one of those in forever.

Sunday I'm going to make Turkey Potpie. Some love this meal and others only barely tolerate it.

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