Thursday, December 17, 2009

American Idol Experience Finale Show and then some

So Abigail and I returned at 6pm for the American Idol Experience finale show. There were a total of 7 contestants (some days they have less when folks don't return after winning a show earlier in the day) - all female. Three were minors - one had her big sister with her (who was also a finalist) and another was from Australia and had her mom with her. Each contestant had another session with Makeup & Hair and then they were all given instructions on order to enter on-stage, where to stand, etc. The evening show had a different host (can't remember his name, found out his name is Sean) and different judges.

Here are John and Theresa (one happy to be back and one not)

Abigail was contestant #1 for the finale show. She did a great job singing Our Song. The only problem (and this was for all the contestants) was that the music seemed louder and the mikes seemed less strong. The host talked to Abigail about looking so young. The first two judges were positive calling her an adorable cupcake and then the "Simon" judge called her a pixie and suggested she do less pantomiming. Unfortunately there are far fewer pics since Madeleine figured we would have the Disney PhotoPass pics - but not at Disney prices.

So then we sat while 6 others performed; the competition was tough especially since some of the gals had more rocking songs that draw in the audience more. I must say I think Abigail was the best of the three teenagers.

There is the Golden Ticket - the Ultimate FastPass

Alas Abigail didn't win the Golden Ticket :( so she can't go to the front of the line at a future American Idol audition. But she will always be our favorite American Idol.

We ended our busy Thursday at Hollywood Studios looking at the lights.


RAnn said...

Sounds like you had a vacation tailor made for Abigail!

Renee said...

Thursday was right up her alley

Jena said...

Ahhhhhh! I was at that show! Abigail was AMAZING! I voted for her too. The hosts name is sean. Hes on twitter and has his own site. and
does abigail want to sing for a living? I hope so!

Renee said...

Thanks for the info and thanks for voting for Abigail.