Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We interrupt this vacation ....... bring you some news of school. Last Monday while we were outside waiting for Mass to start, Scott was able to check Madeleine's grades online (modern technology is wonderful). We are thrilled to report that Madeleine got a 4.0 in her first semester of college. She even got an A- in the dreaded Velek course where no one gets an A.... weird thing is her school gives a 4.0 whether the grade is A-, A or A+ (which she got in Composition and I think one other course)

And then when our week's worth of mail was delivered this Tuesday, James got his PSAT scores - which went up!! He scored (in SAT language) 650 Reading, 680 Math and 680 Writing. I hope his writing score stays that high when he takes the SAT which will include the essay because I think Engineering programs will like having a student that is good not only with numbers but also words.

Congrats to Madeleine and James!!!

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