Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disney Hollywood Studios

This was like no other day we've ever spent at Disney. It all started when we walked through the gate before the park was even open. We encountered the American Idol Experience first auditions (every day for 30 min before the park opens; after that you must go to the studio to audition). Here Abigail was given an "I auditioned for AIE" button and had to sing any selection a capella.

She made the first cut and was sent back to the studio for the next round of auditions. I got to go along as stage mom since she's a minor. Meanwhile the rest of the family went off to do their own Hollywood Studios thing.

Once at the studio, I had to sign release forms (I may have signed away Abigail's first born child) while she chose two songs from the list. Ipods were available with the songs so that contestants could practice in the Coke Room. Abigail was practicing Our Song (by Taylor Swift) and I Hope You Dance.

Then it was time for the audition with the producer - each step of the way I had to be with Abigail and there was even a special chair for me. So I was right there with her for this audition. The producer looked at her two song choices and asked her to sing Our Song.

She made it!!! She was selected to perform in the 11am show... yeah!!!! This was so exciting. We now had about 10 minutes until we had to arrive for pre-show things. So what do two excited girls do? - go potty and called the family. They needed to arrive at 10:30am for VIP seating.

So now there were three steps prior to dress rehearsal:

Hair & makeup:

Voice Coaching:

and 10 minutes of relaxing (yeah, right).

And then it was time for dress rehearsal during which I was permitted to sit in the audience so I took a few shots which was not easy with the lighting in the studio.

and then the show began.

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