Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vacation during Advent

I have made a few discoveries about going on holiday during Advent. Christmas shopping is still not done even though Christmas is only 9 days away, Christmas cards have not even been thought about, still need to get copies printed of a family photo (can't use the ones that Disney took since their prices are beyond outrageous per photo), we 'lost' our Advent traditions because we were too busy and too tired in Florida (so no Advent wreath w/devotions and we got way behind with Bartholomew's Passage - guess we'll pick that back up next year) and I still need to finish planning the Christmas menu.
So it was a definite trade-off in order to have family time for making memories but we didn't forget our Lord during our vacation - we went to Mass both weekends and on the Holy Day.


Colleen said...

Spending time with family and with Jesus at Mass seems more important anyway. Let go of the other stuff and enjoy. I am learning to do that myself this year. God bless!

Renee said...

Shopping got done yesterday morning, cards and pics are not happening this year (I sent electronic letters to those for whom I have email addresses).... but Mass and family are absolutes - I agree

Patty said...

I agree... if we put God first and then our family, all things else work their way out. When I was younger (I'm a Grammy to 5), I thought I was "super-woman" and could do of course I tried. Now that I am older and have more wisdom, I recognize simplicity as not just a desire but an essential to spiritual growth for both myself and my family.

God bless you and yours.