Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Epcot on Tuesday

On Tuesday we went to Epcot for a fun-filled day. We hit all the major rides and attractions as well as having lunch at the German Biergarten.

This is one of those great photo ops in a room with bad lighting :(

Theresa got to help out on stage at ImageWorks – The Kodak "What If" Labs which can be found at the end of the Figment ride. We had photos sent to us by email but I must have put in a typo as that email never did arrive :(

Teen girls in Mexico

Teens in Morocco.

My French artists.

Pooh can often be found inside The Toy Soldier Shop in the United Kingdom.

If you have young children that are familiar with Kim Possible, they will want to try at least one scenario in the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. This gave me an opportunity to relax as they were able to follow the instructions on their own. If desired, they could have explored more than one country.

At Innoventions those over 16yo were able to try out a Segway. Here are photos of James and Scott (the lighting in there was not good). Madeleine tried also but not when I was there with the camera.

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