Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Journey to Disney

began on Saturday morning leaving the house at 8am with snow on the ground. We got to Albany, Georgia about 4pm (thanks to losing an hour heading east), got the van unloaded, headed to Mass, had dinner and then crashed.

Our lunch on Saturday.

Sunday morning we drove the rest of the ways, getting to Disney about 2:30pm. Our room was ready so we checked in early, unpacked, walked over to Downtown Disney, window shopped and then had dinner at Raglan Road

At the rest stop (need to teach MJ how to turn pics before posting them)

John and Theresa at Saratoga Springs. Scott along with John and Theresa went to the pool to play Who is Smarter than a Cast Member and came in 3rd place (they would have done better if the teens had been with them) and won an electronic version of Guess Who

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