Saturday, January 2, 2010

Five Star Reads of 2009

What makes a book a 5 star book? There is no written in stone answer but the story has to move me, have great writing and developed characters. Sometimes the story will make me cry, sometimes I can't put it down to go to sleep and sometimes it's just fun.


  Here is my review of June Bug.

  I didn't review Dogwood on my blog but I wrote a few words on GoodReads.

  I got lazy with this book (since it was passed along to  me by a friend) and didn't write a review even though I loved it. You can read Ruth's review here.

While promoted as a children's book, it makes a great read for grownups as well; read my review here.

I have always loved reading biographies and memoirs; reading about the trials and hardships in others' lives helps me to appreciate my own life.
My review of Lizzi and Fredl can be read here.

This book literally brought me to tears; read my review here.

Ever since middle school I've been intrigued by the Holocaust; it always amazes me that people could survive such atrocities. Read my review here.


RAnn said...

I'm going to have to find L & F.

Renee said...

At first I thought you meant 'find' as in look for it at the library or bookstore... but then I realized (searchable email is great) that I sent it to you so you meant find it in your own stacks.
I have 'found' Silver Birches and placed it on my nightstand.