Monday, March 22, 2010

Future Alum of the W

I got a surprise this morning from my friend Ruth in LA - she sent me a link to Mississippi's First Alumnae Association blog and today's posting is an interview with my daughter Madeleine.

I'm so proud of all Madeleine has done her freshman year - from her scholarship to her 4.0 first semester to involvement in campus activities but most especially that as an independent young adult she has maintained her values.
I also continue each day to thank Ruth for mentioning the W on more than one occasion; it's a great school and we are working on recruiting a family at our church. Katie wants to study nursing (W has a great program) and her mom is concerned about cost (I know Katie would be a top candidate for scholarships).


7redz said...

Its been fun reading you blog and FB and watching her blossom, mature and grow so independant! We are proud of her as well!

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