Monday, March 22, 2010

U Got 2 Love

 I had heard great things about Father Stan Fortuna from multiple online friends so I thought reading a book by him would be a wonderful idea especially since I have three teenagers which is his target audience. I tried to read U Got 2 Love but just couldn't get very far because of the non-standard spelling. On page 10 Father Fortuna explains that he uses "contemporary phrases of urban slang in both content and 'spellin'" and that it was his intention and not the lack of good editing but I couldn't get past it.
U Got 2 Love is broken into 33 short chapters - each no more than 10 pages; most about 5-6 pages in length. Father Fortuna uses abbreviations liberally such as JPII (Pope John Paul II) and B16 (Pope Benedict XVI). Interspersed throughout Father's text are quotes from Scripture, encyclicals, saints' writings and many things spoken by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. The book ends with an "Anthology of Love" - over one hundred quotes from a wide variety of sources from poets to saints to artists and beyond.
I think this book will appeal to teens with the hip language, short chapters and Father Fortuna's ability to connect with the younger generation. I will be passing this book along to my three teenagers.
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Sinead said...

I can imagine that he'd be hard to read, but he's great to listen to! I have heard him several times on the Catholic Channel's Busted Halo Show (on Sirius or XM radio) and have enjoyed him.