Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mini vacation - day 1

Scott is having trouble getting a real vacation this summer (as he did last fall and this past spring) so we took advantage of the holiday and headed to Chattanooga on Friday morning. Our first stop was actually in Georgia - we went to Chickamauga National Military Park. John's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning as he stared at the rows of rifles - it was so darn cute.

And then to go outside on the battlefield and get to look closely at cannons - the boy was in heaven. John was greatly dismayed that someone would dare to put trash in the cannon.

John and Theresa both liked the acorn monument.

Who are those little people down there?

That's what my sons look like when I'm up at the top of this monument - 136 steps up and up and up. Definitely got my exercise on Friday.

The Gardiner gang looking their finest and hungry for lunch which was our next stop. After filling our bellies we made yet another stop in Georgia; this time it was Lake Winnepesaukah. We got lucky and it was Coca-Cola day - buy one admission at full price, get one half price.

Here are the teens taking a break from fun and frolic.

And here are Theresa and John as a ride was ending.

After all the rides had been ridden, a snack had been consumed and we were hot and tired, we headed for our hotel, Our timing was perfect as the sky got dark soon after our arrival. The kids swam in the indoor pool and then we went for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.

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7redz said...

wow sounds like a fun day!! glad you guys got away!