Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mini vacation - day 2

Saturday morning started with breakfast at a diner - Theresa and John were overwhelmed with the large menu, choice of any meal even if it was morning and the beautiful cakes in the revolving case. From there we headed downtown to the Chattanooga Aquarium - this is at least the third time we have gone with our membership.
The piranhas thought Madeleine was a tasty meal.

We were not yet hungry for lunch so we stopped by the home of the Moon Pie before heading back to the car - we did skip the RC to go with our treat.

From there we headed to Lookout Mountain and spent some time at Point Park - absolutely beautiful views.

We then headed for lunch at Cracker Barrel - a family favorite. We had time to stop at a cave but most were not excited about them (guess having been to salt mines in Europe made American caves seem not so exciting) so we headed home instead.


Carrie said...

I've been to Lookout Mountain too, many, many years ago and I loved Tennessee. I've been hoping that we could go back sometime and really explore, but not yet.

Renee said...

If you ever get there, give a holler - I'm only 2 hrs away

7redz said...

cracker barrel is a Hickox family favorite as well! good times!