Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation in Pigeon Forge (part 4)

Friday we opted for Tacky TN Tourism - aka Ripley's. We had discovered the day before that Ripley's gives an incredible discount for those with military IDs (so thankful we all brought them on vacation) - it was about 75% off their already discounted multi-option ticket. So for LESS than the cost of the aquarium, we were able to go to the Aquarium, two Ripley museums, Mirror Maze, Moving Theater and a round of mini-golf.

It started to drizzle while we were golfing but since there was no thunder or lightning, we carried on like any true golfer would.

 Then it was back to the condo where we spent over an hour in the lazy river, ordered out pizza and lounged about.

Saturday morning it was pack up and go but with a stop at the Knoxville Zoo on our way home.


Conny said...

Wasn't the Knoxville Zoo nice?! I grew up in K-ville, so I've been to the zoo a lot there ... but they have really renovated & upgraded in the last few years.

We were at the Aquarium on Aug 5th!! I spent last week in Knoxville :)

PS It probably WAS bears you heard while hiking - I've seen several out in the while in the Smokies!! :)

Renee said...

We only missed each other at the Aquarium by a day... but it was crowded on Friday so we would have missed you even if it was the same day