Wednesday, September 8, 2010

College Applications - Child #2

We are in full speed ahead mode with college applications. Early in August, James applied to Auburn
and MS State as a Civil Engineering Major.

Last week he became very uncertain about this career path and is leaning toward History and/or Political Science. He has now applied to the W as a History major.

I have a few questions regarding homeschooled students and Dual-enrolled students that I need answered before we can work on the Univ of Alabama application but that one will be submitted soon.
James is fairly certain he doesn't want to apply to Univ of AL at Huntsville - he says he doesn't want to be that close to home. :)

Except for the W and UAH, they are all BIG football schools which is rather strange for the Yankee in me that doesn't care a bit about college sports. But to get top notch colleges in the south, you have to suffer through football as well. Maybe that means there will be opportunities for James to make $$ tutoring athletes.

I thought this process would be easier 2nd time around - it's not.


RAnn said...

What does he like about the W?

Renee said...

He likes their scholarship program and knowing he'd have a car if he won a Centennial.... but I don't know that the W is the best place to study Pol Science or History. I also think James needs to hang with guys and they are limited esp in the Honors program. I also want him to have a Catholic student group; he wouldn't go to Bible study with middle aged folks and enjoy it like Madeleine

Janette said...

Waiting to see the results of the search. Looking for a college is much more like looking for the perfect wedding dress- you will know it when you see it:>)