Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you give a papa mouse a broken tv.......

he'll drag the old tv out of the attic for the playroom (for the time being) Then he'll decide that a larger flat screen is needed for the LR. So he'll buy a 46" tv
knowing that the mouse's wife will need to buy a new piece of furniture (drats she's so disappointed to have to buy something new). Fortunately she finds a media console that matches her two bookcase side units.

Then the smaller (but definitely not small) flat screen tv goes up to the playroom. New furniture is assembled (really just needed legs screwed on and shelves put in). New tv is set up on new furniture in LR. Old tv armoire is moved to MBR, old tv is brought downstairs to the MBR (haven't had a tv in the MBR in over 4 yrs) and broken tv is brought to the dump.  Massive amounts of dusting/vacuuming are accomplished (hey we didn't move this summer so we needed some reason to move the big pieces).

Merry Christmas to Papa and Mama Mouse 3 mos and 2 weeks early.


Janette said...

Military people just HAVE to move around stuff once a year. Come to think about it- it is time for some move around in my house. I guess it is vicarious now that Jennifer and James are Jennifer did it for us this year!

7redz said...

I really love this post... I love the books! Glad you got your TVs and TV furniture squared away!