Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a waste of our tax dollars

I got sent to a hematologist for low iron (although not anemic). I was told to arrive 45 minutes BEFORE my appt to do labs and paperwork. I arrived 40 min before (lunchtime traffic) - there were no labs and there was no paperwork. They took my weight, height, temp, pulse ox and blood pressure - that is NOT labwork....I arrived at 12:20, my appt was at 1pm, I finally saw the doc 1:35.... and his big solution for now after a little poking and prodding and a small chat - double my iron dosage. Really???? I needed a specialist for that suggestion??? 


RAnn said...

Sometimes though it seems that a PCP can't win. If they refuse to refer until you've jumped through a bunch of hoops then they are "costing me extra co-pays" and "just looking out for the insurance company". On the other hand if they send you off without any hoop jumping then they are wasting money--after all the PCP could have told you to take more iron.
Did the PCP tell you why you were being pushed upstairs? Did the specialist tell you why you were anemic? Are you not eating right?

As far as the waiting, that drives me nuts. I'd definitely complain, and if I'm treated that way, I don't go back to that doctor. I've finally figured out that how a doctor runs his/her waiting room is often indicative of how s/he deals with problems. I've never had to call a Dr. with waiting room problems when I had a problem, and been satisfied with the response.

Renee said...

Because after a year of taking iron daily my iron was up but still not up enough (although not actually anemic).
The specialist didn't do anything but poke/prod my neck and belly. Why did he say I am low on iron? Probably because of long heavy periods over 3 yrs - he said it can take time to get the levels back up. So since I tolerate taking iron (many don't) just double it and recheck in 6 wks.
Did I mention that this hematologist works in a cancer center? I made sure to tell the appt clerk why I was coming but still she insisted on 45 min - I think there is some training needed.