Friday, January 28, 2011

January Blahs........

Not really... we've just been busy.

On Mondays, Theresa has Players (a theater group) on one end of town while Abigail has rehearsal for Little Women on the other. And did I mention James has Boy Scouts as well? (thank goodness he can drive himself),.

Tuesdays Theresa and I head to the set shop to build and paint for Tom Sawyer (going to take some pics next week) while Abigail's had rehearsal for a concert with Jason Robert Brown (Tony award winning composer).

Wednesdays are a bit quieter - I drop John off at gymnastics and then come home and relax a bit before cooking dinner. Scott brings him home on his way from work.

Thursdays are another night at the set shop while Abigail rehearses for Little Women. My thanks to Chelsea (Abigail's big sis in the show) that provided her with a ride.

Friday nights are generally quiet other than the teens babysitting.

Our Saturdays have been filled with theater this month - we ushered for Legally Blonde (Broadway touring company) and Death Trap (community theater), had auditions for Cinderella (no roles for the girls this show), more set shop for Tom Sawyer and tomorrow we usher for Beauty and the Beast (although Theresa gets to sit because she has a ticket).

Sundays a day of rest? We start with Mass (we don't miss it), Cub Scouts for John and Scott, rehearsal for Little Women for Abigail, youth group for Theresa some weeks (she's not always interested in what they're doing like this weekend they're watching Pursuit of Happyness) and then youth group for the teens.

So that's our January blahs..... and did I mention that Scott retires in 153 days? That sounds so much shorter than 5 months and a few days.


7redz said...

wow... 153 days does sound short!

Cindy said...

Your life sounds busy, but content, Renee! I miss the days of driving the kids here and there...well, I miss those days sometimes! ;)

Renee said...

I am content Cindy.....
5 mos is short... sigh