Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sparkman Prom May 7, 2011

Abigail (being the good Fantasy theater girl) couldn't say no when she was asked to help out with hair for the makeup performances of Cinderella on Saturday even if that did slightly alter prom plans. She was going to have an updo by a friend of mine and do her own make-up... instead she did her own hair but had a theater makeup artist do her face.
As the show was ending and as folks were signing autographs, Abigail was preparing for prom backstage. Steven arrived to escort Abigail to prom and of course I had to take some pics before she went on her way. Tom P and John S offered and set up the stage so we could use the palace stairs from Cinderella - made a great backdrop for pics.

 Pinning on a boutonniere is not a talent of Abigail's - Harrison tried to help.

 Let's try the other side.

 Theater kids have to be dramatic even with a corsage.

 Love this shot - wish I'd had better lighting.

 Oops, Steven and Abigail were off-center.

 Still off-center, but a closer shot.

 Ahhhh... I like this angle.

Then it was off  to the ball (need to learn how to add music to this post) for the lovely couple.

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