Sunday, May 8, 2011

What have we been doing.....

....since the power came back on 3 May?

Tuesday - we packed up and headed back home. Got unpacked and did one load of laundry. Can't even remember what else we did.

Wednesday - my birthday. Scott had a 9am briefing which turned into an all day 'find an answer for the General' kind of day. Kids and I tried to go out for Mexican for lunch but they were still not open so ended up at ChikFilA. No one baked me a cake nor bought a cake. Scott worked late and we tried again to go out for Mexican. Had to drive to another part of town but we got yummy fajitas and a margarita. Then I was given a complimentary shot of tequila - had strange dreams that night about Cinderella's coach looking like a pink swan.

Thursday the independent insurance adjuster came out and said our roof damage was minimal and maybe $400 at most plus of course the trampoline. So we will be paying for it all since we are nowhere close to our deductible. That night we had one of our makeup shows for Cinderella - 205 patrons came to see the show.

Friday was a hectic day at the Fantasy offices as I fielded calls from those who were trying to come to see Cinderella at one of our makeup shows. That night we had a full SOLD OUT house which was a bit stressful but also exciting at the same time.

Saturday morning we had a cast brunch/party, then two makeup performances (in between Abigail left for prom - will post about that separate) and then we had to strike. Ran into troubles because the truck broke down....

 Theresa received her Fantasy Tech Pin from Tom - the TD of Cinderella.

Here you can see Theresa putting her power tool skills to use to strike the set. We may have to buy her a drill of her own.

so Sunday morning it was off to Mass and then to VBC to help again... Fantasy was done moving out but we helped Theatre Huntsville do some painting and unloading. Now we are home and dinner is cooking and my family even got me a yummy cake for Mother's day

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