Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scott's Retirement Ceremony 27 July 2011

Scott planned a simple retirement ceremony to end 28 years in the Army. Scott enlisted back in May 1983 in the CT National Guard. He later joined ROTC in college and went on Ed. Delay in 88 so he could go to law school on our own dime. Upon graduating from William and Mary in 91, he entered on Active Duty in the JAG Corps and so began our 20 year journey of active duty service to this nation.

Scott began his active duty time at Fort Lee for a few weeks followed by a few months at the JAG School in Charlottesville. He then served at Fort Hood, TX,  Fort Stewart, GA,  St. Louis, MO, Redstone Arsenal, AL followed by a year of schooling in Charlottesville, VA. We then began a trek overseas - Heidelberg, Germany (w/3 mos in Kosovo), and Seoul, South Korea followed by a joint assignment at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and finishing up with three more years at Redstone Arsenal, AL.

Here is Scott receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Commander in Chief aka the President. Obviously that is not the President presenting it.

Here he is receiving a flag that was flown over the Capitol on June 27th. This is not a standard part of retirement but something that someone in his office arranged for which we are most appreciative.

 This is the actual retirement certificate - this makes it official but actually it's not official until 30 September but......

This is a very unofficial part - pinning on the retired Army pin which of course is not authorized uniform insignia.

Pics of the family since we've been along for the ride as well. Madeleine was around for the entire 20 years of active duty. Heck Scott had to leave for his Basic Course when she was less than two weeks old.

Shortly thereafter Scott took off his uniform for the last time unless of course some child convinces him to wear his dress uniform for a wedding.
I love my soldier - never ever ever thought I would spend 20 yrs following a husband around the world but I have lots of great memories of our travels and adventures. 


JBO said...

Or he could wear his uniform to swear another officer in :>) Remember- Only children of retired military are given the honor of seeking Vice Presidential nominations to the service academies.

Congratulations on many fine years of service. It looked like a wonderful sending off!

And ----welcome to the wild world of "retired" military spouse.

Conny said...

Congratulations!!!! :)

7redz said...

Congrats to your whole family in a wonderful Air Force career of service. Your hard work will be missed! But we wish you the best in your next adventure of life! Blessings, The Hickox Family

RAnn said...


Carol@simple_catholic said...

May God bless your husband for serving our country for so many years.

Congratulations on his retirement!

Patty "Wilson" P said...

As an Army Brat, I understand how much of a family affair it truly is. Congrats all around

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Congrats to Scott for 28 years well-served. Thank you as well to you and the children for all you did to support him and the communities in which you lived.

Thanks also for being a military spouse mentor to me 15 years ago.

Are you settling in the location of your last assignment?

Renee said...

We've been here for 3 yrs - longest assignment and no plans to move anytime in the near or far future. Now to just get that post-retirement job issue settled and we'll be good to go

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for you as you look for that post retirement options.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for you as you make the transition.