Wednesday, August 10, 2011

College Times Two

Remember this post from exactly two years ago? This time it was college move-in times two but thankfully it was not twice the work.
Madeleine and James drove in her car while Scott and I drove in the van. We met at MJ's dorm and unloaded her stuff, had lunch at Popeyes and then headed to MS State. They are waaaaay organized for such a large school. James and Scott checked in and then we drove over to his dorm --- oops I mean residence hall and unloaded his stuff onto the curb. Two perky girls brought over a large wagon and loaded it up and into the dorm (drats there I go again) - James checked in there as well. We then unloaded everything into his room, met his roommate and he was ready for us to leave.  He didn't want help making his bed or unpacking so we got hugs and headed home - after dropping MJ back off at her school.
This bad mom forgot to take pics so I'll have to share some shots from the college Facebook page instead. This is the location of the initial check-in

This is James' dorm - Griffis Hall. He got lucky and got a deluxe room which is about 50 sq ft bigger.  Of course my bank account got unlucky since it costs more.

James is a member of the Shackouls Honors College as well as the Griffis Learning Community.


7redz said...

wow... I can't believe it!! Congrats to you in getting two successfully to school! Your a great mom (pics or no pics)!!!!! Your kids are wonderful and are going to go on to do great things... following in their parents footsteps! God bless your family.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Congrats to both your college graduates.