Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My 4th Teenager

I am now the mom of four teenagers - Theresa has joined the ranks of Madeleine, James and Abigail. We had a busy day on her birthday - school in the morning, setting up a Facebook account, karate in the afternoon and Abigail had a rehearsal that evening but it didn't stop us from celebrating.

Madeleine tried to Skype to see Theresa open her gift but her internet was being wonky so we ended up on speaker phone instead.  James had taken Theresa to see the new Pooh movie before he left for college - she loves time with her big brother.

John decided that Theresa needed to continue expanding her Littlest Pet Shop collection.

And Abigail picked out a chick flick for sisters to watch together.

Scott and I got Theresa got a Fantasy star for her 13th bday - not only does she get this purple pin but her name is on the Wall of Stars at Fantasy Playhouse.

This was the big surprise of the day. Theresa had been saving and saving for an iPod touch. We decided to surprise her with one for her birthday - the only thing she had to contribute was her share of the $$ from the destroyed trampoline. She was more than excited and didn't even mind that it was her only birthday gift. My baby girl is growing up. She thought the gift was a Bedazzler at first since the bag was so large and I had put empty boxes in it.

Since we had had caked on Saturday, Theresa didn't see any reason for me to bake another. I decided that we should celebrate with an ice cream cake from DQ. It was already decorated in purple and green so we added some orange candles to make it Fantasy themed.

Happy 13th Birthday Theresa Rose!!!


Conny said...

I am tickled to see that your 13 year old is still willing to have LPS toys :) I played with Barbies until I was 13-ish - and I hope my daughter will continue to hold on to a few "little girl" things because kids these days GROW UP TOO FAST, in my opinion....Happy Birthday to your TEEN!!! I will have my first one in September!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Sweet pictures. Shes turning into a very pretty young lady.

7redz said...

Wow she even looks the part! I can't believe how she has grown! What a great birthday to remember!