Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Before E (Except After C) The Young Readers Edition: 
Easy, Cool Ways to Remember Facts


Memory Tricks Made Easy!

How can you possibly remember everything you're supposed to know? Simple! Use the memory tricks within these pages.
This fun, informative guide teaches you smart ways to remember all the stuff you're learning about in school. With these simple techniques you can train your brain to remember . . .
  • The planets in order of size -- from largest to smallest and from smallest to largest
  • The world's largest rivers and largest deserts
  • The difference between adjectives and adverbs -- and their jobs
  • Which presidents were assassinated while in office
  • All about angles and triangles . . . and circles, too
So whether you get tripped up by the spelling of a word that makes no sense or the fact that 13 colonies are way too many to remember, I Before E (Except After C) will teach you cool ways to remember it all.

My Thoughts: i before e would make a nice gift book for the young student in your life. This sturdy hardcover book is filled with mnemonics to remember facts from Science, History, Math, Music and more. A book to be read in small bites, it would also make a nice gift for the young teacher to have on her classroom shelf.

Thank you to Courtney Allen of FSB Associates for providing me with a copy of i before e to read and review.

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