Monday, February 27, 2012

Many Moons

The lights went down last night for the final performance of Many Moons. As always my girls had a wonderful experience and learned much from Fantasy's production volunteers.

Abigail played the role of Princess Lenore. I saw her grow in her acting skills under the direction of Gary Knight. Thank you Gary for sharing your talent with the youth of Fantasy.

Theresa was in charge of props for the run of 12 performances. She had to make sure all got where it needed to be when it needed to be there and was returned when finished. Not only that but the Stage Manager 'hired' her to assist with sweeping the stage each day before shows began; Theresa helped with hardly a grumble. Thanks to all for entrusting Theresa with this task; I was so proud to see her step up to the plate and do such a fantastic job.

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