Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abigail and Early College

When this semester ends, Abigail will have completed 12 credits of college through the Univ of AL Early College program - she's earned credit for Composition I and Psychology (both will count toward general ed requirements at Memphis), Intro to Anthropology (her advisor will determine if she gets general ed  credit for this) and  Microcomputer Applications elective credits that she doesn't really need).

Abigail was going to take another course in the Spring semester but it looks like it won't work out to take something that will count toward General Ed requirements at Univ of Memphis. We want to wait on Composition II since that's part of her Honors program in Memphis. Can't take a Lit class at AL until you've taken both Composition classes. Can't take US History since she already took those at the high school level (dual enrollment classes count toward both high school and college) and that would be like taking the same course twice. No interest or need to take Chinese I or Japanese I. The only Science courses offered are for non-majors (which doesn't apply to her as a Nursing student). The Western Civ courses offered don't match up with the World Civ requirements for Memphis. The Art History course doesn't match up with Gen Ed requirements. Online Math courses are a royal pain since you then have to pay additional $$ for proctoring of tests and exams. No need for more computer courses as a Nursing major. She doesn't need a second Anthropology course.  Which only leaves Intro to Journalism which would just be extra unneeded elective credits.

So it looks like Abigail will have an easier last semester of high school - she'll finish up her year long courses in Religion and Marine Biology as well as her spring semester courses in English Literature and Economics and maybe throw in Consumer Math or Logic.


Anonymous said...

UAH offers chem 101 all the time, which is a good "get your feet wet" in college science class. But it isn't online and wouldn't count towards her major.

Renee said...

We prefer online since it's way more flexible with theater and her job at Target. We also don't want to spend money on courses that she doesn't need for college.
So she'll be relax her last semester and maybe stock away extra money so she can do a Nursing abroad program one summer.

Janette said...

Sounds excellent. I used to always suggest that students take at least one 100 level English class at their university of choice.
Taking one often gives them a line on how students are expected to write at any given school.
Fantastic work Renee. Your home school triumphs again!

Renee said...

Aw gee shucks... thanks Janette

DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Way to go, Abigail!

7redz said...

Abigail you rock! (So do you Renee! Your a great homeschool mom!)