Monday, March 11, 2013


I received this Lenten devotion book Deeply Loved and I have failed to keep up with my Lenten reading. As I drew closer to my surgery instead of turning to the Lord in prayer and study, I got more nervous and anxious instead. Now today I am supposed to be writing a review of the chapter "Listen". I know that God pointed me to this chapter because it is what I most need to do but least like to do. I prefer to keep busy and not spend much time in silence listening.

Here I am in the midst of recovery; mostly home bound with little to do - I should be using this time for prayer and spiritual reading but again I have not been successful. I am fortunate to be loved by a God that will bring me into the fold even with my failings and shortcomings. I have 20 days until Easter so there is still a chance for me to have a more meaningful Lent and Deeply Loved will be a part of my journey.

Day 23 "Listen" directed me to read Ezekiel 34 as well as John 10:1-21. The New Testament reading was the familiar good shepherd but the OT reading was one with which I'm not very familiar - the parable of the shepherds. The "presence practice' reminded readers to know God's voice and what is necessary for each of us to hear His voice. We were encouraged to learn to recognize God's voice by memorizing Scripture (not my strength for certain).

Thank you to Cat Hoort of Abingdon Press for providing me with a complimentary review copy of Deeply Loved in exchange for my participation and honest review.

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Sue a Skirted Lady said...

Hi Renee,

I saw your posts about having surgery. I hope you feel better very soon! Praying for your quick recovery.

God bless,