Sunday, March 10, 2013

Surgery (TMI for male readers)

I am blogging about this event because a) it's a part of my life b) I have a bad memory and might forget things otherwise and c) to be able to share with other women who may be in this situation.

Wed March 6th - arrived on time (11am) as requested having had nothing to eat or drink (I may complain but I follow these rules). Waited about 20 minutes to sign some of the exact same paperwork I'd signed the previous week for lab work and then was directed to the cold lobby (yes, the waiting room for pre-op is right at the front door that opens continuously letting in cold air).

About 12 noon I was brought back to pre-op and given my lovely gown and an assortment of stockings. My iv went in on the first try and they took my bloodwork from the same stick (hooray). The anesthesiologist came by - she was a lovely young woman who did a wonderful job of explaining what would happen (needed someone like her when Theresa had surgery). The anesthesia nurse (also young but male) came by and was very nice. I also met my surgical nurse - she was the one that got to bring me the bad news that Dr Conrad was delayed because someone decided to have a baby during my surgery time. As it was nearing 2:30pm, nurse came in again to say doc was on his way, I asked about the potty and was assisted by carrying my iv since it was not on a rolling pole. Upon my return, anesthesia nurse came in with my martini - he graciously changed it to a margarita, Scott kissed me and my nurse rolled me to the OR (she was much gentler than the one that took me to delivery in 95). I remember scooting over to another table and the mask on my face and then low and behold I was in my room.

Scott says that surgery actually started about 3pm and doc met with him shortly after 4pm when he was finished. Scott came to me in my room (in maternity) about 6ish. Scott fed me ice chips and then strawberry jello before leaving about 8:40. I got pain Rx at 9:30 and just as I was drifting off, the blood pressure machine kicked on at 10pm and startled me awake. It did the same at 11pm but then my nurse removed it. Of course then I was unable to sleep - sigh. So when my nurse came by after midnight, I told her about my lack of sleeping and she brought me Ambient - I was able to sleep until 4am.

I asked for breakfast at about 6am but it wasn't scheduled to arrive until 8am... but they were able to bring me a boxed meal (turkey sandwich, chips and apple juice). Then at breakfast I had eggs, bacon, biscuit and rice krispies (thankfully never any nausea). I had 'tests' to pass in order to be discharged. Almost as soon as they removed the catheter I walked alone and was successful in the potty And I'd had the necessary gas from both ends :) And then I walked up and down the hallway once. As nurse was going over discharge paperwork she points out 'no caffeine". I asked her for how long since it's now been two days without coffee (sorry wasn't drinking the coffee on my breakfast tray). She says they don't mean coffee but Pepsi/Coke... sigh, guess nurses need some education on the fact that coffee has way more caffeine than soda. We left the hospital about noon.

I was VERY emotional the rest of Thursday especially when I realized both pain Rx were large pills I couldn't swallow. A number of friends encouraged (rather insisted) I call (even though it was after office hours) to get something else I could take. The service wasn't going to put the call through because their note said no calls for Rx - I said this was post surgery pain and burst into tears on top of that. So they put through the call and Dr Conrad called in Lorlab liquid and  my wonderful dh went to Krogers again.Took the Rx and slept 10 beautiful hours. 

Friday and Saturday I did nothing as instructed. I watched TV, played on the computer, read a book and visited with Madeleine home from college. I ate lasagna from Lyndy and enchiladas (and brownies) from Jean. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends that were so willing to cook for our family.  Both Friday and Saturday night I slept 10 hours and both days I took a nap in the afternoon. Now here it is Sunday, I did not go to Mass (which I haven't even missed when I've had a baby) but a) there are sick people at church b) there was a loss of an hour with the time change and c) Father has been using incense and I could barely breath the last few weeks and didn't want that post-surgery as well as the coughing that comes with it.

So I continue to convalesce and become more and more bored. Today is supposed to be warm so I plan to read on the back porch.


Penny said...

glad things went so well for you!!! hope you are feeling stronger each day - glad you're getting some good rest!

Penny said...

The above comment is actually from ME (Conny). Penny is my dog ... and she now has her own blog because we are trying to find her a new home and trying EVERYTHING to get her one!!!! To include blogging for her! LOL

Renee said...

ROFL..... (well not really because that would hurt my incisions and insides). I do have a friend named Penny so I thought it was her.