Friday, September 18, 2009

This week was a very very very busy week so I'm glad it's Friday. My lesson plans are done for next week and most of the following week. I cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry and will soon make aglio e olio for dinner (sorry Madeleine - give me a wish list of what you want to eat when you come home in 2 wks). James left about 20 minutes ago for a Scout camping trip - so nice that I didn't have to drive him to the church parking lot.
A friend was supposed to call and come by this afternoon to look at Tapestry of Grace but she never called. :( I made a deposit to the AHG bank account - had lots of checks from dues, registration, uniform/bks/shirt orders. I found the things I wanted for Sunday's High School Youth Group Progressive Dinner at Publix - much easier than heading out to Michaels. Tonight should be a relaxing evening at home with Scott and three children. Hopefully Scott will be home before 7pm which has become uncommon here despite the short commute.

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