Sunday, March 28, 2010

World Theatre Day

Today was World Theatre Day; Abigail and I celebrated with the final two of seven performances of Inherit the Wind with Theatre Huntsville at the VBC. I had a blast being a part of the show as Dr. Alice Keller. It was such fun being onstage; hadn't been there in 30 years. Thanks to Lorie and Donny for the opportunity and thanks to the cast/crew for making this such a wonderful experience. And a special thanks to my daughter Abigail.

Here's a pic of Abigail as Melinda Loomis; she and Jacob opened the show. They're so darn cute.

Here's Abigail selling lemonade.

And to prove I really was in the show; here is a shot of me in Act I

and in Act II

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I love the live theater.