Thursday, September 9, 2010

Follow up to Crazy Week

Remember last week being a Crazy Week - well it's now carried over into this week.

Yesterday I went for  my 1pm  followup bloodwork to recheck my potassium levels.  I get a call today that I am fine now with potassium - quit the supplement, eat bananas (ok), oranges (not on your life, I can't stand the texture but I do drink OJ daily with my iron) and strawberries (are they in season?) and to get it rechecked again in a month.
Then the nurse (never do get to talk to the doc) tells me my blood sugar is pre-diabetic (118 nonfasting) and they will run an A1C test next month but no need to fast. I ask what my blood sugar was last week and it was 91. Well gee everything I found online says 118 is normal but my doc claims otherwisse. I then research this test and find that if a patient has low iron the A1C test can produce a false high....
Sooooooooooo....... next week when I see the hematologist about the low iron, I'll ask about the validity of doing the A1C test. I do not want to waste my tax dollars or yours to do unnecessary tests. See I am a good American, I do not want to take advantage of my 'free' healthcare.

So I leave you with my medical woes (of course I feel fine) until after next Wed's appointment.

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