Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Went to the mailbox yesterday to find two envelopes (one addressed to James and another to Scott & I) with a cryptic return address. Opened mine to find a Christmas card and letter from one of James' professors (he goes to MS State University - not a small school) and here is part of what it said: "I was pleased to be able to give 'Scholar Gardiner,' as I called him, an A in the course (Honors Psychology). His first test was a B, but he had an A average over the next three tests. He never missed a class, and he never missed a beat. He is a darn good kid, and I am sure you are proud of him. He is intelligent, reliable, loyal, and caring, and I know his future is bright."  
Sniff, sniff.... does a mom's heart good to hear such praise.

2. On a funny note, I was working on the grocery list and John tells me we need more "air pop popcorn"; wouldn't that be called just popcorn? :)

3. All my college kids had great semesters in college - Madeleine got a 4.0 again, James got As in both Honors courses and Abigail got an A in Composition I.

4. I have not finished yesterday's "to do" list yet.... but there are still many hours left in today.

5.  Was home from grocery shopping before 10am and only $200 poorer.

6.  College teen boys eat meals at odd times and sleep strange hours.

7. Gas prices are dropping..... paid $2.97 on post today; saw $2.95 in town yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh but I am sooooooo proud of James as well. WOW! Good job!