Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

2011 has been a busy but wonderful year despite all the bad weather that Alabama endured.

Madeleine is now more than halfway through college. She spent a month this summer in Scotland as well as a weekend in London. We are so thankful that her scholarship covered most of the expenses of this study abroad opportunity. Madeleine was also inducted into the honor society Phi Kappa Phi - she has worked hard and studied long hours during these 2.5 yrs and it has certainly paid off for her. She continues to work at Victoria Secret when home from school.

James graduated high school in May and decided to attend Mississippi State University studying Political Science (like father like son). He was awarded an academic scholarship that covers most of his tuition as well as out-of-state fees. He is part of the Honors college and was a member of the Griffis Learning Community his first semester where he earned As in both his honors courses. James spent this past summer working at Boy Scout Camp Comer; he might return there this summer as well. Although not a high paying job, it does show commitment to something in which he believes.

Abigail is now a junior in high school and excelling. She earned top scores on the PSAT and this past spring decided she would like to pursue Nursing. We are concerned about compromising values/morals at a public university so we are seriously considering Franciscan University at Steubenville. She and I visited the school this Fall and it is a wonderful place (although it will be cold on the river in Ohio in the winter). Abigail continues to do Theater (her love) - this past year she played Beth in Little Women, a Sprite (dancing role) in Arthur and the Magic Sword, and Martha and a Caroler in A Christmas Carol. For her outstanding performance in Little Women, she received a Wings Award.

Theresa is in 7th grade and also involved in theater. This past year she has been on stage as Dixie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the Woolens Vendor in a Christmas Carol. Theresa was quite the leader during Cat making sure that the younger children actors were where they needed to be when they needed to be there. Theresa also shines backstage as a techie. She worked long hard hours painting/building and then working tech for both Tom Sawyer and Cinderella. Theresa is also involved with American Heritage Girls, youth group and takes Karate lessons twice a week.

John is in 6th grade and claims to want nothing to do with theater. This year the entire family was a part of Christmas Carol so John ended up ushering for 6 of the 10 performances. Just last night he was singing songs from the show - we'll suck him in yet. John stays busy with Boy Scouts - he went to his first week away at camp this summer and didn't blink an eye about leaving us. He continues to be an altar server and also takes Karate lessons twice a week.

Scott wound down his active duty career with the Army; his last day (which was just signing out of the office) was 5 July. He was then home until mid-September when he started his new job with MDA. What does he do? Pretty much the same type of work he did in uniform - contract law.  His retirement became official on 30 September. This year we convinced Scott to audition for A Christmas Carol and he was cast as the baker - Mr. Danbury. Not sure if/when he'll audition again but he had fun.

Renee continues to homeschool the children although her classroom is shrinking. In addition, she's very involved with Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theater. She volunteers in the office one afternoon a week, she was Co-Producer for a Christmas Carol, school show coordinator and house manager for Arthur and the Magic Sword and various other projects as they arise. In addition, she is also the Treasurer of Theresa's AHG troop.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our family and friends


Kevin Best said...

Beautiful family cousin! I love to hear how everyone is doing! Is anyone a math wiz in the group? Afterall it IS the most important subject. :-)

Merry Christmas and God Bless!
Kevin and the Best family

Renee said...

They're all very good at Math but none of them love it... I just don't understand why

Janette said...

A very good year indeed!